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See ways in which Margaret can help; here we deal with the fascia, working from home, and the reasons we should meditate.

10 Ways to keep your fascia healthy so your body moves pain free

I wake up in pain daily so I work on my fascia daily, resulting in reduced muscle and joint pain and improving my overall posture, body alignment and my overall daily wellbeing.

As we age, we lose mobility and our bones begin to degenerate – however, a regular Yin practice working on the fascia can help the body to regain mobility and ease pain. Yin should be part of our weekly lifestyle.

Furthermore, for sports active individuals working on the fascia after intense sports activity is an excellent way to help the body’s recovery.

Check out what fascia is and the benefits here!

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Working from home?

After time spent in front of my computer I experience fatigue in the neck, shoulders and hips, which are all linked to poor posture and stress.

7 simple tips to tackle working from home

Why meditate

There are many benefits of meditating. Sometimes you only notice these benefits when you stop practicing, and the world suddenly becomes faster and more intense.

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Margaret studied Anatomy, Physiology, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology at John Moores University and The University of Manchester and qualified as a teacher trainer, assessor, and examiner in exercise and wellbeing and became a course Director for the RSA in 1990