I feel I could get out of my chair and dance.

Theresa Mary, wheelchair user

Margaret, I cannot thank you enough for your patience during my shoulder injury. You demonstrated your sound knowledge and skill sets. I though I would never play golf again. Not only has the pain gone, but I am now back playing golf. I have my life back. Thank you so much!

Eamonn Flood

Vertigo and sciatica are incredibly challenging conditions and I never know when the next attack will happen. Margaret, your Yoga practice has been invaluable to me; you assist in enabling me to regain my balance and coordination and get on with my life. I totally recommend Margaret!

Penny Cousin

My yoga classes have been a revelation to me! I never realised what a difference having classes with Margaret would make to my daily life. I feel so much more supple and relaxed after her classes before my working day and Margaret takes great care in specialising and adapting her classes to personalise to each person. Having classes with Margaret really makes my week. She is a super teacher online and face to face!

Kate Else

That was pure bliss, I have never experienced such relaxation. Cannot wait for our next session.

Kate, Elaine & Rowena Somatic Yoga

I have been learning yoga with Margaret for a year now. In that year I have gone from requiring surgery on my knee to a vast improvement in its range, strength, and flexibility. I am frankly amazed at the improvement. Margaret treats you as an individual, recognising your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. My overall improvement in strength and suppleness in one year makes me regret I did not start this journey earlier.

Kate Farren


I have been attending Margaret’s classes for well over a year now. When I first started doing yoga I did not particularly like it because I was so stiff. I could do very few of the simple moves Margaret showed me. Her gentle positive coaching made me persevere. She always asks me how my body is feeling at the start of each lesson and notes any problems then quickly adapts the moves she has planned for me if necessary. She is also very perceptive and quickly picks up when I am struggling. A year on and I do not recognise the body I had a year ago. I am far more flexible which has really helped with my golf swing. I now thoroughly look forward to my weekly sessions. Thank you, Margaret.

Rowena Williams

Margaret – thanks to your golf yoga training, my golf strike and strength has returned.

Kate, Golfer

Prior to meeting you, Margaret, I never ever thought of Yoga as a maintenance solution for my osteoporosis. Since I began to practice with Margaret, I have noticed improvement in my balance, flexibility, energy, and outlook. I can walk further with my dogs as well. I highly recommend Margaret!

Lyn, osteoporosis client

Margaret, I absolutely love your Yin practices. I come away so calm and relaxed. You must try Margaret’s Yin Classes. Yin, my weekly treat followed by a cake; however, if asked to make a choice would I take the cake or the Yin then Margaret’s Yin practice wins every time!

Maggie Branchett

I have been practicing various mindfulness meditation practices over the past year with Margaret and I can honestly say the fight and flight experience which I would experience daily is now almost a thing of the past. The anxiety returns occasionally; however, I have coping strategies to address this. Thank you Margaret for your support, kindness and understanding. My physical and emotional wellbeing has turned a corner.


I asked for Margaret’s help with remedial therapy for injuries I sustained when riding a long-distance off-road motorcycle ride (1500 km over 8 days on rough terrain). I had almost total fatigue, with inflammation of the rib cartilage, and my spine had suffered a lot of shock compression. Using Zoom, Margaret gave me a consultation to assess my body, and I agreed to an initial 5-week programme. I am so impressed with my recovery after 5 weeks that I have decided to continue with more sessions, to continue to strengthen, and improve the flexibility of my body. At week 7 I feel almost totally back to normal. Margaret is very patient and adjusts every hourly session to work on different areas of the body. I cannot believe just how much progress I have made, and how good I feel. I highly recommend Margaret as a therapist.

Bryan Jeanes, a rehabilitation client