Terms and Conditions

For the supply of services & products

  1. To attend a Wellbeing event, we need to have received a signed Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Release form from the person who wishes to take part in the event.
  2. To attend a class or event that we run at another studio or gym, we require the attendee to sign an Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Release form with such service provider where the class will take place.
  3. Payments are accepted through our bank. We ask that you record the proof of payment for your records. Please note that Wellbeing with Margaret (MMCWellbeing.com) will never request a payment via an e mail giving details of our accounts to pay transfers and will never notify you to make payment to an updated bank account. Please take caution when activating payment transfers as Wellbeing with Margaret (MMCWellbeing.com) will not be liable for payment transfer to the wrong account. If you are unsure, please make direct contact via WhatsApp or our direct telephone line.
  4. Attending classes or events delivered at another studio, wellbeing centre etc. may require the attendee to pay the service provider, directly. Should this be necessary you will be informed prior.
  5. All Wellbeing with Margaret (MMCWellbeing.com) coaching, training, workshops, teachings and other event fees are payable in full prior to the event.
  6. If there is payment plan arrangement set up, we will supply a receipt upon completion of payment.
  7. All certificates for trainings will be issued once training assessment and payments are complete.
  8. Payments are non-refundable on cancellation of 24 hours or less.
  9. We reserve the right to refuse admission into or onto events.
  10. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave an event without a refund if that person does not adhere to the Code of Practice & Conduct set out by ourselves. This includes all COVID rulings!
  11. We reserve the right to alter my tariff or amend/modify/discontinue events without prior notice to ensure that maximum standards of service and quality are met.
  12. We reserve the right to work (within reason) with individuals in a group who enter our mind-and-body training contracts.
  13. In the unlikely event of having to cancel an event, we will make every effort to notify you using the contact details you have volunteered to us. This would normally be by email and WhatsApp.
  14. Trainings of all description require sensitive data to be collected. Details of the processing can be found in our data protection statement. Wellbeing with Margaret (MMCWellbeing.com) take data protection very seriously. General Data Protection Requirement statement: Supplier – Margaret Coleman. In compliance with the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR), all data is stored electronically and destroyed after 7 years by Margaret Coleman.

We confirm the following:  we collect, store, and manage client information. As the controller of such data, we can confirm that we never share data with third parties. As the processor of this information, we can confirm that we make every effort to protect the information and interests of our clients. As of 1st February 2021, we will ask participants who join an event to complete an Informed Consent and Liability Waiver Release. When we use other premises, we will ensure that the liability wavier includes both parties. These are standard forms used for all our clients regardless of where or when we see them. These forms are an insurance requirement. The forms ask for name and contact details of the individual joining the class, for a date, and signature. Participant names and email addresses will be added to our database so that they can receive information about future events. Participants, however, can ask not to be added to the database. Names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of student on courses will be stored on a database that can be accessed by ourselves only.  Because of the nature of our services, we ask questions that are classified as sensitive data such as information about health history and medication. We store this information electronically.

  1. Persons on training courses complete an intake form that asks for sensitive information. We read this data to get a sense of any extra help the student may require. Then, the intake form is stored on a password-protected hard drive until we can legally dispose of it. We confirm that we constantly change our passwords. We do not transfer data onto any other database. Wellbeing with Margaret (MMCWellbeing.com) are an environmentally friendly company; therefore, no hard copies are saved – all data is stored by us on an electronic data and saved for seven (7) years and then disposed off.
  2. Clients information is used solely for the purposes of sending out information; we never share information with other organisations. A student/participant can request to be removed from the mailing list at any time. All enquires about our services by email are replied to by email and enquiry emails are not added to our database unless requested by the individual.